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Grimselwelt: Hospiz gondola

The Hospiz gondola takes hikers from the Grimsel Hospiz to the foot of the Grimsel dam wall in just a few minutes, down into the summer hole to the hiking trails towards Räterichsbodensee and Grimselsee.

In winter, the Hospiz gondola is the last stage of the adventurous journey to the winter oasis of peace, which takes place by bus, train and through tunnels.

Opening hours: June to October. Self-drive operation.

Guest Card Haslital
50 % discount on the journey for adults

Grimselwelt: Sidelhorn gondola

Weightless with the Sidelhorn gondola from the Grimsel Hospiz over the Grimselsee up to the foot of the Sidelhorn, starting point of the hiking routes to the summit of the Sidelhorn as well as the high trail to the Triebtenseeli and on to the Oberaarsee.

Opening hours: June to October. Self-drive operation.

Guest Card Haslital
50 % discount on the journey for adults

Schynige Platte - Top of Swiss Tradition

You don't get far when hiking on the Schynige Platte.

Every few metres you bend down to admire the stars, umbels and bells that bloom on the meadows. Or you stop to take in the panorama.

If you haven't already done so anyway, for example on the nostalgic ride on the Schynige Platte Railway or at the latest in the restaurant with its breathtaking view.

Guest Cards Wengen / Lauterbrunnen
20 % discount on the outward and/or return journey

Grimselwelt: Oberaarbahn

On this gondola ride you will discover the Grimsel world in a "low-level flight" from the Grimsel Hospiz over the Grimselsee to the Oberaarsee, at the end of which the Aare springs from the glacier.

During the 30-minute journey in two stages, you will experience the beautiful Alpine panorama from a completely new perspective.

Opening hours: June to October. Self-drive operation.

Guest Card Haslital
25 % discount on the journey for adults

Grindelwald-First - Top of Adventure

Secure in the gondola, you float gently up to First. But then it gets airy: on the two Flying Fox variants First Flyer and First Glider at up to 80 kilometres per hour, on the suspension bridge of the First Cliff Walk or on the agile mountain carts or scooters with the wind in your hair.

That's right: you can't plan adventures. You will find one. On First for sure.

Guest card Grindelwald
15 % discount on the one-way or return ticket Grindelwald – First

Sportzentrum Grindelwald Bouldering Hall

Try out tricky climbing moves, train your finger strength, and train your coordination and body control with lots of fun.

In our bouldering hall, which is located in the grandstand area in the ice hall, you can experience this climbing sport on 170 square metres.

It is available for indoor climbing activities in all weathers.

Guest card Grindelwald
50 % discount on admission

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